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Malaysia at 60 – Photowalk in Klang, Selangor


It has been a long time since I ever joined a PhotoWalk or meet new people since the Covid pandemic. I mean going out during this dry and hot weather is something I like to consider thinking about at least one thousand zillion times. But anyway, I am someone who follows her heart and my heart said come on Min, one photowalk will not kill you! We arrived in Klang in front of our meet-up point at exactly 8 in the morning. I can see a lot of photographers, all looking shiny and pro with their massive lenses and tiny but powerful camera.

Klang is beautiful in its own way and also beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We live our lives mainly on autopilot and once in a while, it’s so nice to be out and walking (read that sweating furiously) in the hot sun. You need to work out your eye muscle and to do that you need to go out and shoot as much as possible. It does not matter if you don’t get that National Geography Picture of the Day but as long as you keep striving, you’ll get there sooner or later.

So I leave you with my memories and photos of Klang (will be back soon) and hope you’ll get moving and capture the beauty that is already in front of you. You just need to open your eyes. Oh and I meet such an interesting soul in this PhotoWalk, his name is Uncle Ng (He is the one in BW). Uncle Ng is one jolly guy and always smiling. He is close to 80 years old and still fit and has no sakit whatsoever.

This photo walk was organized by Kim Boon, a talented and enthusiastic photographer, and the aim is to see the Malaysia that we love, to get to know the people and places and the practices a little bit more. You may join in and hashtag your photo on Instagram to #malaysiaat60

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