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kl@seven – #2


Second installment.

No rush. I was more discreet in getting my shots today. Scouted around the place and came across a lot of interesting characters which makes me wonder what the world has turned into. The gloomy back streets, littered with wastes and pests is a stark contrast to the streets across, where the happening is. Seems like these streets are being left just to be the way it is. To be the forgotten realm. But strange enough, I saw beauty lies beneath.

KL@seven #2 (3)

KL@seven #2 (4)

KL@seven #2 (5)

KL@seven #2 (6)

KL@seven #2 (7)

KL@seven #2 (8)

KL@seven #2 (2)

This is Guna. He’s from Ipoh and lives in the street. He has been in KL for years and chose to live here. He wouldn’t tell me why. He saw me while I was crossing the Jalan TAR and followed me then. He had a plastic bag full of clothes with him. He said he is going to give them to those who needs and wants me to photograph it. Because he wants others to do the same, to do the good deeds.

“I want you to write an article, tell Malaysians to do good deeds”.

He is saddened of what Malaysia has become. “Mahathir should have forgiven Anwar. It makes me and my mother sad”.

…and he literally cried in front of me. I said to him, to help others you first have to help yourself. He insisted me to take his photo. Then again he repeatedly asked that I follow him so that I can photograph him giving the bundle of clothes to the poor. We talked about half an hour. Before I request to excuse myself for the umpteenth time, and for the last time he asked me to write a book and be titled “Highway to KL”.

And I advised him to stay sober.

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