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kl@seven – #3


Seriously I don’t have any idea of what to shoot this morning. Even though I am just into my third week, seems like I am drained, completely blank. But I forced myself to go out. Didn’t know what to expect. Before 7, I left home. I wandered around for the right place and ended up at Lebuh Ampang. The unfamiliar territory. It’s been ages since last I set my foot here. I spent a few good minutes wandering around the area which seems a bit unkind to me. But just be aware of your surroundings and things will get easier. I told myself to be patient, stay alert and hopefully things will luckily unfold right in front of you.

So here are the seven for today.

KL@seven #3 1

KL@seven #3 5

KL@seven #3 2

KL@seven #3 3

KL@seven #3 6

kl@seven #3 8

KL@seven #3 4

I’ve made it a point that I must approach at least a stranger today. Well, this is Murugan. He is from Chennai, India. A lot of them are from Chennai. I started with a chatter and asked him the normal ice breaking questions. He has been in Malaysia for 2 years and came here with his friend, Raja, leaving all his family members behind. They live upstairs. In the shop house. What does he do in Malaysia? He sells those Gajra / garland  for a living. I bet he is making good money selling those. The big gajra is sold between RM25 to RM30 per piece. The smaller ones should be cheaper. It’s not that hard as he showed me. (But it do require some skills). He said “10 minutes”. While he was finishing the piece, I showed my camera and said “Photo?” He nodded. To my pleasure, I snapped some and at times, he turns to the camera for that connecting moments.

By the time he is done, I asked him for his email and promised him that I’ll send him the photos. And lastly, I told him to show it to his family back home.



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