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10 on 10 | November 2018


Let me just confess something, I am a very shy person and sometimes can be a little awkward. I will probably say something silly when I first meet you, I don’t know why but it will probably make you laugh a little (a good way to break the ice right?!). Well, last month, I was so nervous to meet my new friend (not so new because we have been friends on IG for quite some time). I had butterfly in my stomach before meeting her but everything went away as soon as we meet. Erica was very warm and friendly. We did a lot of talking (laughing too) and also street photographing around Bukit Bintang area. We parted ways after a few hours and promised to do it again some time soon!

This is my 10 on 10 photos for the month of November. Please continue the circle to the amazing Noemi until you come back to me! Thank you!



What a fun day for you two and a fun way to meet for the first time. Love seeing the different scenes and colors. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much Sarah!!

What a lovely thing to do together – I always love seeing the world through your eyes! Gorgeous!

Thank you my friend!!

truly Inspired with the street photos that you managed to capture.I hope one day I can meet you as well.Teringin nak bercombo ambil gambar dengan akak. Hehehe…

Thank you Nany! Yes, nanti kita boleh set date! xx

Evelyne Lourenco

Beautiful Min! I love all the colors. Such an awesome way to get to know someone who loves the same thing you do.

Thank you Evelyne!

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