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10 on 10 January


Hello friends, we meet again in 2018! I am hoping that everyone is in good health and surrounded by your loved ones! It’s time for the first 10 on 10 of the year and I am very excited to see what the new year will bring! I am doing two projects for this year which are Project 365 and Project 52. Not going by any theme, I leave it open but who knows what I’ll decide later! If you like to follow along, you can find me on INSTAGRAM. Say hi or leave some love if you’re there!

Last weekend, we traveled to Ipoh, Perak to pick up my daughter who is on her semester break. At first, I wanted to stay in a hotel but find it very difficult since there were five of us. So then I decided to book a house from Airbnb instead and found this most COZY house with lovely or should I say GROOVY decorations! Go check out the house HERE! Or better still you can scroll through my photos and see it for yourself.

My 10 on 10 January..(or maybe more!)

Please continue the lovely blog circle to see what my friend, Charlotte who is living in Essex, UK is up to with her beautiful family this month.













My son said MA look cookie!






Inside Sekeping Kong Heng Ipoh…

I really love the pleasant smell of trees at each and every corner of this building, the sound of people coming in and out, the different textures on the wall and amazing lights piercing through the leafs. It’s a beautiful place to wander and get lost. I am hoping to come again but not on weekends where it can be too crowded.








At Yasmin @ Kong Heng..

The way to start writing isn’t by writing at all. But by living. It isn’t about creating something from thin air, but about documenting our personal feelings about the things that we see. Or to put it crudely, how are you going to be a storyteller if you have no story to tell? Perhaps, in the end, there are no such thing as creative people; they are only sharp observers with sensitive hearts”. – Yasmin Ahmad

I had always envy those who can write and tell their stories very effortlessly. I can never even write a simple sentence without pausing (at least for ten minutes) to really find the right words. It’s like I wanted to tell the whole world about what’s going on in my head but the words are jumbled up in my head and I can’t let it out. Or maybe I am too afraid that people will judge me when they read what I have written. But, the words by Yasmin Ahmad struck me like a million lighting!

I am a fan of all her beautiful work. May Allah blessed your soul Yasmin. Al-fatihah.


I am really grateful that I can spend my time with this man. We basically share the same interest and it’s also a blessing that he is into photography as well. The support and encouragement that I get from him ALWAYS gets me going when time are hard.





If you make it up to here, THANK YOU!


SO happy to have your unique and beautiful perspective Min. We love airbnbs. That place looks awesome. And I feel the same way about writing! Takes me foreverrrr. Great images!

Gorgeous Min! These images make me feel like I’m there! Love the hand reaching image especially ?

Min – wow a 365 and a 52!! I have not doubt you will document 2018 beautifully. We also love an Airbnb – I use them when Im popping around shooting weddings – this one you’ve found is just charming! As always, gorgeous storytelling, I’m always drawn right into your images. Can’t wait to see more from you this year!

Ipoh is my hometown. M so excited read your post. Plus with amazing photos. Absolutely worth spending time reading this. I make a du’a you will write more coz it is really inspiring reading your anecdote.

Hey dear, I do miss our chats too. I hope you are doing well. I’m having fun following your 365 on facebook. I’m sure you will do awesome!!!! I love your set for the 10 on 10.. xoxo ps. I saw that you have a goal to travel this year… soooo…. add the US to your travel list! haha 🙂

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