What makes you smile…
Atuk is an avid reader. Reading habit runs in the family. Hopefully Khaled will continue and follows his atuk's footsteps. As he saw his atuk reading Khaled grabbed his book and walked towards him. ... VIEW POST
Eternal – The Day You Were Born
11 November 2013. A cold Monday morning. The clouds billowing the mountains. We knew this day would come. We knew it is time for something special. And God willing. A moment that we have been waiting,... VIEW POST
How Not to Think Like a Photographer
Ariff Awaluddin Soraya Yusof  Talismail Saturday 9th June : 10 am - 1 pm  Slideshow and Talk Venue : The Warehouse Gallery, 198 Jalan Tun H S Lee Yes, we were there. A bit about Sor... VIEW POST