A Day in the Life Session

A day in the life session are the most precious memories consisting of your everyday life. Twenty years from now you can look back at these photographs and remember all the tiny moments which are actually the best moments. I will document all the stuff that you will do together as a family such as making breakfast with your children, playing board games with your teenage children, taking a walk in a nearby park or simply just hanging out in the house.

These sessions will take around four to five hours depending on the activities that are going to take place that day. This session will consist of your immediate family. If you would like to include grandpa and grandma or even your pet, we can discuss it. You don't need to pose during this session. Relax and just enjoy your time together with your family having lots of fun!

Session rates starts from RM3,000 (USD750).

Fresh 48 Newborn Session

This session usually takes place after you have given birth to your baby, within the first 48 hours. The session is done during daytime and will be very relaxing for both you and your new baby. The session is perfect to remember that first day over a life time. I will come to the hospital or the birth centre and shoot lifestyle/documentary photos of those first ever sibling meetings, the first breastfeeding session (modest), the first kiss with daddy, those cute itty-bitty toes fingers and those cute pouty lips. I will not pose the baby and this is a no-prop session. Your session will last approximately one hour, in the day using natural light. My goal is to capture real and authentic precious moments between you and your new little one, the way you want to remember them.

Session rate starts from RM1,500 (USD380).

Family Lifestyle Session

Family lifestyle session is one of my favourite session of all. The session will take approximately 1.5 hours and it can be done at your house or at a location you prefer. For me, it's not about taking just beautiful pictures, I want to be able to show you just how unique and precious your family are! We live in a very fast world and everthing changes so quickly. Believe it or not, your toddler will grow taller and soon she or he will leave for school or college and the photos will always remind you of their cute faces when they were little!

Session rate stars from RM1,500 (USD450).