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With Love | Family Photography Session | Taiping, Perak

When my sister asked if I could photograph her family, I was over the moon. She is one loving wife to her husband and a very dedicated mother to her five beautiful children. This session was so fun since I can boss them around, try new things and take my own sweet time. We had the session in Taiping which is about 200 km from Kuala Lumpur. It’s an old quiet town situated Perak. Taiping used to be a mining town. Old gigantic trees and beautiful scenery make a perfect spot for a family lifestyle photography session. I am so incredibly lucky to have my sister so close to me. She has always been one of my greatest supporters, at times when I doubted myself. Choosing a creative career path is not easy. There will always be days when I feel off but I thank God for the continuous support that my family has given me all this while.

10 on 10 | August

Hujung bulan lepas, kami tiga beranak pulang ke kampung suami yang terletak di belah selatan tanahair iaitu Johor Bahru. Kalau dah sampai ke Johor memang pening kepala nak atur jadual sebab terlalu banyak perkara yang nak dilakukan dan selalunya masa amat cemburu kepada kami. Itu belum lagi dengan nak mencuba makanan-makanan lazat yang ada di serata bandar Johor, selepas pulang mungkin kalau timbang naik 5 kilo rasanya!!

Alhamdulillah perjalanan kami selesa dan kereta pun tak meragam, mungkin sebab niat nak pulang jumpa mak suami aka mak mertuaku! hehehe.. Sesampainya kami di rumah mak, nasi jagung berserta ayam masak merah dengan jelata timun setia menunggu. Apa lagi, kami yang memang lapar makan macam tak cukup, air tangan mak memang selalunya sedap ya allah! Bukan sahaja mak masak yang itu tapi hari kemudiannya mak buatkan serawa durian, mee soto dan macam-macam lagi. Kasih mak sampai ke syurga! Terima kasih mak! (gambar tak sempat ambil sebab sibuk makan!)

Yang di bawah ini adalah pilihan 10 keping gambar saya untuk dikongsikan bersama (sebenarnya ada beratus! hahahaha).


We went back to my husband’s hometown in Johor Bahru last month, spent some time at my mother-in-law’s house and Khaled had a wonderful time with his grandmother. She cooked some of my husband’s favourite dishes and it was so yummy. Afterwards, we spent a few hours in town and I took the opportunity to shot some pictures. We stayed at a budget hotel that had great view of Johor city and also amazing light! My photographer’s heart was so happy when I saw it! I managed to capture some ‘magic dust’ too!”

Here are my the photos for my 10 on 10 blog circle that happens every 10th of the month! Enjoy! and please head on to Breanna’s page to see what she’s up to with her beautiful family in Kodiak, Alaska.

Checking out his toy before getting out of the car.

Love to photograph beautiful abandon alley when I found one!

I love OOF (Out-Of-Focus) image. Some kind of mystery when looking at them!

One of the beautiful grafiti I found in Jalan Dobi, Johor Bahru.

Another beautiful small alley beside a temple.

Time for coffee!

and brownies with ice-cream…Yeay!!!

Magic dust found!

The boy who stole my heart!

A self-portrait.

10 on 10 | July

Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid Mubarak is celebrated in some parts of the world on 25 June 2017. It is one of the most important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of Ramadhan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. It was certainly a joyous occasion for my family and me as we get to celebrate it with our loved ones. We woke up in the early morning to have our prayer and thank Allah for all the blessings and pray that all our good deeds are accepted. After the prayer, it was time to feast on the yummy food that was prepared the night before. Among the favourite food that was prepared was Lemang and Rendang. Lemang is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo (wiki) while Rendang is a spicy meat dish originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group of Indonesia. My late grandmother who is from the Minangkabau tribe has a very special recipe and she has passed it down to my mother for keeps. I am not sure what the secret ingredients are but it was so good that I have forgotten to take a photo of that delicious dish!!

So here are some of the photos I had managed to snap away. The first three images are from the morning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri where we wore our traditional Malay Clothes which is Baju Kurung for the ladies and Baju Melayu for the gentlemen. My second sister who was visiting from Singapore rented an apartment in Bukit Ceylon. She and her family are moving away to Shanghai, China by the end of August 2017, so we had a small gathering to catch up on things before she leaves Kuala Lumpur. So I hope you enjoy the photos!

This post is part of the monthly 10 on 10 photography circle I’m part of with a group of awesome photography friends. Let’s follow the blog circle and see what my friend, Evelyne is up to lately with her family. Thanks!

Let Them Get Messy! | Massive Mess Fest, Kuala Lumpur

Jom ‘ayan!’ (jalan). That was his words when we woke him up. Khaled was ecstatic when we told him that we are going to “main air”. We could hear him singing to his own tune “main, main main” in his car seat. The sun was shining brightly when we arrive at the centre located in Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. It was a sold out Massive Mess Fest by Azalia and her Massive Mess Fest team. We were there quite early. There were so many games and activities arranged that Khaled didn’t know which one to start with. I can see from his face that it was hard for him to choose and he started with the water play. Water is indeed his favourite! As I watch him slides down the colourful Ice Play, his face beaming with joy, secretly I wish there is one made especially for adults!! I could use some ‘messiness therapy’ myself!!

His favourite, of course! Rexx!! aka. dinosaurs.

One of his favourites, the rainbow ice and slide. And not leaving the dino behind.

And his opopus!

Calling it a day.

It was a great joy for us to have joined this mess-ive fest. It was great letting him explore, do all the thing he wants and have fun in the sun. And a much-needed break from all those routine activities.

Si Kenit’s Teepee Party, Lake Garden Park, Kuala Lumpur

Last week we were at the SiKenit’s Teepee Party held at the Lake Garden Park. It was a great day. The skies were blue and the gorgeous sunlight made it all look so magical. The decorations were stunning, white balloons everywhere, yummy food and delicious drinks. Khaled was having a time of his life. My hubby and me took turns to chase after this little boy who was running around wandering at all the amazing things he saw that day. Playing with bubbles was the highlight of his day. He was soaking wet after all that fun!!




Khaled wearing a white top from Orcakids and the cute loafer from Minibydhea.


Never imagined that the Lake Garden has some seriously nice views.



Khaled checking out the Teepee from Kiszydolls.Malaysia


Should I do it? Should I do it?


Such an angelic face!!


Tattoo for kids (don’t worry, it’s temporary) and Henna Tattoo for mums!


Captain Zed and the beautiful Yasmin Hani (who was also invited and I got the chance to busy body cakap-cakap with her, she’s so warm and friendly!)


The 2nd time I took photo with a celebrity, first was with M Nasir! (can i have her luminous skin!!)


Khaled going gaga over the bubbles


Khaled showing off his Dinosaur Roar to Noah Ismail Wong (Yasmin’s cute little boy). Both are November babies and will be 3 soon.



Selfie time


It’s a wrap guysss!! Well done everyone!!



Boys will be boys!




Khaled with all the goodies from sponsors. Thank you so much!!!

We would like to give a huge thanks to Balqis from Kiszydolls Malaysia and all of the team members of the SiKenit’s Teepee Party, for all the hard work that goes in making it a very joyful event.

Bermula tahun 2015….40 hari lagi | Projek 365

familylifestylephotographerkualalumpurmalaysiaAutobobot | 324/365

Ada lebih kurang empat puluh satu hari lagi untuk saya habiskan Projek 365 (sehari satu foto). Tau-tau sahaja sudah nak sampai ke penghujung. Bermula dari hari pertama sehingga ke hari ini, begitu banyak dugaan dan halangan yang terpaksa ditempuh diantaranya kemalasan yang melampau dicampur pula dengan ketandusan idea untuk saya laksanakan projek ini. Namun begitu, alhamdulillah, saya tak pernah mengalah tapi hanya ambil sikap cuba sedaya upaya walaupun hasilnya mungkin tidak saya suka. Yang penting saya keluarkan kamera dan belajar mengamati bentuk cahaya yang hadir di persekitaran di samping belajar melihat dari sudut yang berbeza. Cahaya tidak akan sama setiap hari tapi yang pasti setiap cahaya ada keunikannya yang tersendiri. Sepanjang projek 365 ini banyak yang telah saya pelajari, ada hari yang akan menghasilkan gambar yang unik manakala ada hari yang mungkin tidak berpihak kepada diri saya. Namun begitu, gambar itu tetap saya simpan sebagai memori abadi. Harus fahami bahawa projek 365 ini tujuan utamanya adalah untuk melatih diri sendiri melihat cahaya dalam segala bentuk cuaca.  Panas, hujan ataupun kabus bukanlah alasan untuk tidak mengeluarkan kamera dan merakam gambar. Kadang-kadang apabila kita ketandusan idea maka di saat itu juga momen-momen indah akan terjadi. Di samping itu, anggapla projek 365 ini satu bentuk terapi yang mampu memberi ketenangan yang luar biasa dan apabila selesai setahun mengambil gambar, bayangkan berapa banyak memori yang telah dirakamkan! Pada saya itulah yang paling berharga dan tidak mampu dibeli dengan wang ringgit!!

childrenlifestylephotographykualalumpurmalaysiaBelajar menanam bayam dengan Babah | 323/265

Anak kecil akan cuba untuk mengajuk segala perbuatan ibu bapanya. Begitu juga dengan Khaled, gambar ini saya rakam semasa suami sedang sibuk menanam benih bayam di halaman rumah. Dengan muka begitu tekun, Khaled cuba meniru perbuatan babahnya menanam benih. Semasa itu saya duduk di hadapan Khaled dan secara spontan mengambil gambar ini tanpa melihat kamera dan hampir kepada tanah, trust me, bila anda dah biasa dan tahu bagaimana mengagak kedudukan kamera, ia seakan menjadi kebiasaan. Itulah pentingnya latihan setiap hari.

Ambil gambar dan fahami ISO, Shutter Speed dan Aperture. Tapi paling utama, nikmati saat itu kerana ianya takan berulang kembali.

familylifestylephotographerkualalumpurmalaysiaMama dan Khaled | 313/365

Tip seterusnya adalah jangan lupa untuk merakam gambar bersama anak-anak. Sebagai seorang fotographer, saya faham kadang-kadang kita lupa dan juga disebabkan terlalu teruja untuk merakam  gambar, kita jarang berada di dalam gambar tersebut.  Confession: Beberapa tahun dahulu saya agak tidak selesa untuk berada di depan kamera, bimbang segala jerawat, jeragat dan mungkin juga garis-garis halus tampak jelas. Bentuk badan yang tidak ideal, besar sana sini namun apabila umur menginjak ke angka 40-an, semua itu tinggal di baris belakang sekali, yang paling utama sekarang walaupun tidak segebu Nealofa, saya pastikan saya ada dalam gambar walaupun cuma sekeping.

Bagi anak-anak, ini akan jadi satu memori paling berharga buat dirinya. Bila dah tua, boleh tunjukkan kepada mereka, lihat, ini mama dan kamu ambil gambar bersama, comel kan? Pasti senyum simpul dibuatnya.

kualalumpurlifestylephotographerKaki sepah | 305/365

Pada saya, rumah yang terlalu kemas dan tidak bersepah adalah tidak tulen. Tidak masuk akal. Kalau ada anak kecil pasti ada mainan yang berterabur, air tertumpah, nasi berselerekan di bawah meja makan dan macam-macam lagi. Sedangkan anak remaja pun ada yang buat sepah inikan pula anak kecil. Itulah namanya kehidupan. Mana pernah perfect.

Bagi Khaled, ini adalah tugas utamanya. Menyepahkan mainan dan memastikan ianya berserakan satu rumah. Kalau boleh, mahu sampai ke halaman. Nasib baik mama larang. Misi saya ialah cari keindahan disebalik segala sepahan. Beritahu diri sendiri “Ten years down the road, you won’t care about the mess!!”

kualalumpurmalaysialifestylephotographerMandi | 236/365

Saya hampir pasti ini gambar ini akan menjadi salah satu gambar yang paling berharga buat diri saya. Masakan tidak, masa berlalu begitu cepat. Mungkin tahun hadapan, Khaled tidak akan muat untuk mandi didalam bekas mandian bayinya lagi. Sedih.

kualalumpurlifestylephotographerGelap | 223/365

kualalumpurlifestylephotographerKudap Kudap | 209/365

kualalumpurlifestylephotographerRoadtrip to East Coast | 58/365 (Antara gambar yang banyak kali terjual di Offset)

Beberapa gambar di atas dapat dijadikan contoh bagaimana untuk merakam gambar setiap hari selama 365 hari. Ada hari kita akan berjaya, ada hari kita akan buntu, tapi itu semua bukan tanda kita gagal. Rakam dengan kamera dslr ataupun dengan kamera telefon bimbit. Mulakan. Itu yang paling penting.

Jika berminat, ikutilah projek 365 saya di flickr dan juga instagram.