Life Unscripted

This mother and daughter portrait session was so much fun. Nik (the mom) and her baby girl Jasmin, were so gorgeous and very natural. I told Nik just to relax and enjoy the moment with her daughter. No stiff poses, no fake smiles and don’t look at my camera, I told her. I need you to be you. And for Jasmin, well, let her do whatever she wants. Let her be real.

So here it is, I love this session so much. There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and a daughter. A very special out of this world kinda bond.  I hope that 20 years from now, Nik and Jasmin would be able to look back and remember these joyous moments together. I hope that when Jasmin is all grown up and have a children of her own, she can always look back at the portraits and recall the special bond that they shared. Because you see, in the mother’s eyes,  a child is always a child, no matter how big or how old they are.

I am grateful to be there to capture the endless joyful moments. Moments that are so pure and unscripted.






























When you are surrounded by your loved ones, eating good food and sipping hot coffee, you easily lost track of the time. Suddenly it dawned on you that today, is the best day ever in your life. And why? You get to celebrate your birthday with your family once again and for that, I am deeply grateful.

Secretly I wished that day would never ended.








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Some people are worth melting for…

The theme for Arlia and Ariana birthday was from the movie “Frozen” and what a  better way to end a party with a dip in the pool. What a blast those kids had and I bet the mamas also had so much fun.

Happy Birthday Arlia and Ariana! Enjoy the photos.







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four zero


I will be celebrating my 40th birthday tomorrow. Absolutely feeling very fabulous!

Here’s a few list of things that I’ve learned and gathered throughout my life. Nothing fancy, just wanted to share it with you guys.

Remember that it’s OK to not be OK. Nobody is perfect. Seek help from someone you trust and never stop believing that something good will come your way. Never stop praying and make dua to Allah to fulfill your wishes. But, if you did not get what you wished for, then stay positive. There must be a reason for everything. Only Allah is the best planner. Allah Azza Wajal says “And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know”. (2:216, Al-Quran)

Solat 5 times a day is extremely important. Every inch of your body and soul craves that link to the Almighty.

I learned through my first marriage that you cannot expect people to change. You can only change yourself to become a better person. Do it for your sake. Not for anybody else. When you are happy, everybody around you will feel the positive energy that you’re sending. Your day will be much brighter and pleasant.

There’s a reason why you have two ears and only one mouth. Use it wisely.

Remain humble.

Your mind is very powerful tool. You can do anything you want just as long as you believe in yourself. You can Qatam Al-Quran, you can drop a few kilos to get healthy, you can quit sugar, you can run that marathon, you can leave an abusive relationship, you can quit smoking and what not. You can do just about anything if you put your mind to it. The key word here is BELIEVE in yourself. No excuses. Allah will not Change the Condition of a People until They Change Themselves.

Not everybody will like you and that’s OK. You don’t need to please everybody.

There’s no such thing as soul mate, you need to work everyday to strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Communication is very important. You need to tell them what you feel. Never suffer in silence. Life is too short.

After the divorce, I thought my life would end, but it didn’t. I fell in love again.

During confinement period, please listen to your mom when she said “Not to drink that ice water”. You will thank her when you reach your forties.

Kiss your kids goodnight every night. Kiss your wife/husband goodnight every night. You might not wake up to tell them you love them the next morning.

Have time for yourself even if it’s only for a few hours every week. Take a walk alone. Learn to quiet your mind and enjoy the scenery.

Learn to forgive yourself and others too. You’ll sleep better.

Keep it simple.

You don’t need to wear makeup if you don’t feel like it. You are beautiful just the way you are.

Appreciate the things you have even though you don’t have that much.

Life in Black and White

My little boy, always on the move, always on the lookout for tiny adventures. He doesn’t need to go far. He has everything he needs in the bedroom. It’s just like a big playground to him. What lurks behind the curtain? He can stare at them with his wide eyes, full of amusement. What’s there beneath the pillow? Everything screams joy and excitement to him. Oh how wonderful life is at his age. My lovely little boy, you fill my heart with so much love. You kept me on my feet most of the hour but I can never really get bored with you. I look forward to more tiny adventures with you my precious boy.







…till we meet again


No words can describe the sadness. I felt numb, sad and angry at the same time. Angry because they were innocent people. Sad that their lives was cut short. Numb, I don’t understand the purpose of killing another human being. Why? Why do you have to rob one’s happiness? How could they? This is mad. My tears flow as they were transported to the van, patiently waiting for them. Personally, I don’t know any of them. But I can feel it. I feel the lost. Watching the mother helplessly crying to her departed son, a small boy crying asking to see his mother for the last time. These are all torturing. Ya Allah, we beg for your mercy. Ya Allah, we beg for your forgiveness.  Ya Allah, please ease their burden.

Al-Fatihah…till we meet again my brothers and sisters.

selamat hari raya










This is what dreams are made of…


You and that little bundle of joy! I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have given me. Your patience, your silly jokes, your guidance and endless love for my three girls, texting Along when you know she is all stress up about her coming exam, asking Angah about her day and whats up with her jerawat (hahahahaha) and always buying Adik her favourite roti, I could go on forever but the one I truly treasure is your never ending support towards me.

There’s a little bit of you and me in that little boy you’re holding. We have come a long way and when you come to think about it I say, we’re OK!!!!

Happy Father’s Day Love!

Minggu 19/52 – Harapan Mama


Minggu 19/52

..agar Khaled sentiasa ingat, selepas hujan ribut, langit selalunya akan menjadi terang dan pelangi yang indah akan muncul. Dalam melangkah, kita pasti akan terjatuh dan terluka, Khaled perlu bangun, kuatkan semangat, teruskan perjalanan walaupun terpaksa bertatih, ingat, setiap luka itu sebenarnya adalah ubat nak, yang akan membersihkan hati khaled dan membuatkan khaled senantiasa beringat dan rendah diri. Hidup kita tak lama, semuannya pinjaman dari Allah, kekayaan, ilmu, semua itu pinjaman. Semua itu Allah yang punya. Jangan pernah kecewa dalam mengharapkan pertolongan dari Allah SWT.

..agar Khaled menghormati wanita sepertimana Khaled menghormati mama, ingat wanita itu insan yang sangat lembut hatinya, sekeras-keras kerak nasi, kalau rendam di dalam air lama-lama akan jadi lembut, begitulah jua hati wanita. Apabila Khaled sudah ada buah hati, jaga hatinya dengan baik, biarlah kita mengalah nak, tak mengapa. Khaled kan khalifah, khaled perlu sabar banyak. Tapi nak, kalau hati khaled dilukai kerana cinta, cepat-cepat hubungi mama!

…agar Khaled mewarisi sikap babah yang sangat penyabar dan sangat penyayang. Walaupun dibebani beribu masalah namun tidak pernah sekali pun mama mendengar dirinya mengeluh hampa dan putus harapan, jadilah seperti babah mu nak, seorang yang tidak banyak cakap namun mindanya sangat tajam dan setiap perkataan yang keluar dari mulutnya adalah umpama emas!

..agar Khaled sentiasa ingat untuk ketawa, bergelak gembira riangkan hati, hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk bermuram. Masalah tidak akan surut sayang, walaupun difikirkan sehari semalam, makin berkerut dahi jadinya, nanti tampak tua sebelum waktunya!

…agar Khaled jangan terlalu cepat menghakimi seseorang. Biarpun rambut sama hitam, tapi hati lain-lain. Ingat sayang, itu bukan tugas kita. Ada mata kita pandang, ada telinga kita dengar, ada mulut kita diam.

….agar Khaled pergi mengembara serata dunia. Bertemu kawan baru, perspektif yang berbeza, langit yang berbeza. Pergilah sayang, tapi ingat pastikan setiap kali pergi merantau, mama harus diberitahu. Paling tidak hantarlah sms.

…agar Khaled tidak pernah lupa Allah SWT walau dimana Khaled berada. Bersuka ria itu tidak salah nak, tapi harus ingat, nanti satu hari Khaled akan mengadap DIA. Jadi pastikan Khaled penuhkan buku Khaled dengan yang baik-baik sahaja. Andainya Khaled tersalah langkah, tidak mengapa, itu pengajaran. Tapi jangan dibuat kali kedua. Sujudlah padanya nak. Mintalah keampunan darinya kerana dia Al-Ghafur.

…Please please please belajarlah memasak satu atau dua resipi pun cukup agar mama tidak risau Khaled kelaparan bila berjauhan dari mama. Masak sendiri itu lagi sedap sebenarnya walaupun lauknya hanyalah ikan sardin dan nasi panas. Belajar survival nak. Belajar masak nasi. Belajar goreng ikan. Dan nanti bila Khaled sudah beristeri, cubalah masak untuk dia. Pasti bahagia.

….agar Khaled tidak taksub berhutang untuk memiliki kereta ataupun rumah. Itu semua boleh tunggu. Yang penting, pergi mengembara dulu! Pergi isikan dadamu dengan ilmu yang tidak boleh diperolehi semasa di sekolah ataupun mana-mana universiti.

…agar Khaled lakukan apa yang Khaled paling suka untuk hidup. Kalau Khaled suka melukis, jadilah pelukis, kalau Khaled suka memasak, jadilah Chef yang handal, pokoknya Khaled boleh jadi apa sahaja yang Khaled mahu tapi pastikan Khaled jadi yang terhebat! Mama sentiasa doakan yang baik-baik sahaja untuk Khaled dan juga kakak-kakakmu.

…Harapan mama agar Khaled ingat, kalau mama sudah tiada di dunia lagi, jangan lupa mama, jangan pernah lekang berdoa untuk mama ya sayang. Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. bahawa Nabi Muhammad s.a.w bersabda: “Apabila seorang anak Adam mati putuslah amalnya kecuali tiga perkara : sedekah jariah,atau ilmu yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain atau anak yang soleh yang berdoa untuknya.”
(Hadith Sahih – Riwayat Muslim dan lain-lainnya)

Week 18/52


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